Fertilization And Pest

You invest a lot into your lawn – keep it healthy and increase your curb appeal with RLC’s Lawn & Pest program. From making your lawn thicker and greener to ridding unwanted pests to caring for your trees and shrubs, our team of professionals can take your outdoor space to a new level.

RLC has a 50-year history of serving the Central Florida community and we provide guaranteed results. Plus, at RLC we only use EPA-approved products to keep your lawn and shrubs in tip top shape.

Lawn & Pest program services:

Benefits of using RLC’s fertilization and pest services:

  • Thicker greener lawn with less weeds guaranteed
  • Ensures your yard looks its best – Curb appeal and landscaping can make up nearly 20 percent of your home’s value
  • Dedicated chinch bug application
  • Our fire ant control is applied once a year and keeps them gone for 52 weeks
  • Applications are precisely measured and timed perfectly to last longer and keep your landscape healthy
  • Free service calls
  • We only use EPA-approved products applied by certified technicians
  • Recommendations on watering and mowing

Caring for a lawn properly is an art form. The key to a healthy landscape is applying the right product at the ideal time in the precise amount needed. RLC’s team of professionals have extensive experience and knowledge that allows us to meet your yard’s specific needs and perfectly time our applications with the season, weather or other circumstances to ensure treatment lasts longer.

If you’re looking for a way to make your yard beautiful and keep pests at bay, it’s time to give your lawn a little RLC! Our team can make your dream for your property a reality.