Lawn Weed Control

Lawn weed control, often called selective weed control for lawns or specialized weed control services, is crucial for maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn. Effectively managing unwanted plants in the grass enhances the visual appeal and promotes the turf's overall well-being. 

A weed-free lawn ensures that grass and plants receive ample nutrients, sunlight, and water, fostering a lush and vibrant green space. Our RLC Lawn & Pest division stands out for its highly effective programs tailored to combat grass weeds on residential and commercial properties.

Florida grass weeds

Common Florida grass weeds pose significant threats to the health and aesthetics of your lawn. These invasive plants, including dollarweed, betony, pusley, and chickweed, can wreak havoc on the lush greenery of well-maintained landscapes. They compete intensely with desirable grass species for vital nutrients, water, and space, frequently outperforming them and resulting in unappealing patches of bare soil.


Many of these weeds serve as hosts for insects and pests, exacerbating the challenges homeowners and property managers face. Keep reading to understand how each grass weed affects your lawn differently:

A common annual weed that spreads quickly in warm climates. It competes with grass for nutrients and water, making lawns look uneven and less attractive. It thrives in late spring and produces many seeds, leading to ongoing problems.
This type of weed is fast-growing and contests with healthy plants for nutrients and space. Its aggressive spread and prolific seed production make it a persistent problem in lawns and gardens, impacting their appearance and health.
Also known as pennywort or marsh pennywort, it is an aggressive weed with round, coin-shaped leaves that thrive in moist, low-lying areas of lawns and landscapes. It quickly spreads, forming dense mats that dominate any sense of healthy grass and plants nearby.
Florida pusley
This common broad-leaf weed has small, white flowers and hairy leaves. It poses a problem as it spreads rapidly, forming dense patches that crowd out desirable grass species, leading to an uneven and unsightly lawn. Its aggressive growth and ability to smother turf make it a challenge for lawn maintenance.
Florida betony
This persistent weed can occur annually. Its tuberous roots and distinctive square stems grow aggressively, forming thick patches that compete with grass for resources and create an uneven appearance. Florida betony's deep roots and resilient nature can make it challenging to control.

How to get rid of weeds in Florida lawns?

Effectively managing and eliminating lawn weeds involves various methods and techniques, such as regular mowing, proper watering, and strategic fertilization. However, hiring certified professionals is key to successful and personalized weed control. A reputable lawn care company utilizes tailored approaches for each lawn, considering factors like grass type, soil conditions, and weed species.


Moreover, certified lawn care experts use EPA-certified products, ensuring the right product is used in the correct manner and quantity. Investing in the services of a certified lawn care company guarantees a meticulous and customized approach to weed management, promoting a lush and thriving lawn.


Residential and commercial weed control


RLC Lawn & Pest offers weed control services that cater to residential and commercial landscapes, offering tailored solutions for each setting. While the objectives remain similar–achieving weed-free lawns, the approaches vary due to distinct characteristics. Commercial properties often feature larger areas with higher foot traffic or activity levels that require more robust and frequent weed control measures.


Additionally, regulations regarding chemical product usage may differ between residential and commercial settings, requiring careful adherence to safety and environmental standards. Despite these differences, residential and commercial weed control services prioritize effective management techniques to ensure healthy, vibrant landscapes that enhance curb appeal and usability.


Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control


Pre-emergent weed control products prevent weed seeds from germinating and are applied before weed growth starts. Post-emergent products target existing weeds, killing them after they’ve sprouted. Pre-emergents are best applied in early spring and fall before weed seeds germinate, while post-emergents are effective when weeds are actively growing, typically in late spring or early summer.

Why hire a lawn weed control company

Hiring a professional lawn care company offers numerous benefits crucial for a thriving lawn. Certified experts provide customized treatment plans tailoring strategies to specific grass types, soil conditions, and weed varieties. Their use of EPA-certified products ensures environmental safety with proper disposal practices.


You can expect consistent and reliable results with professional services, as our team employs effective techniques and stays updated on the latest industry practices. Ultimately, entrusting your weed control needs to professionals guarantees a lush and weed-free lawn while alleviating the hassle and uncertainty of DIY approaches.


What is the best form of weed control?


Weed control methods range from herbicides to manual removal, but a top-notch lawn care company goes beyond generic approaches. RLC Lawn & Pest crafts personalized programs by assessing the lawn’s unique needs and considering factors like grass type, soil conditions, and weed species for optimal and customized effectiveness.


Lawn weed control solutions


RLC Lawn & Pest offers comprehensive lawn weed control solutions tailored to residential and commercial landscaping needs, establishing lush and healthy lawns year-round. Here’s how our process works:

Initial inspection
Our specialists conduct a thorough inspection to identify existing weeds and assess the overall condition of the lawn.
Personalized assessment
We customize a weed control program based on the lawn's requirements, considering factors like grass type, soil condition, and weed species.
Tailored treatment plans
Utilizing EPA-certified products and environmentally friendly practices, we implement targeted treatments to eradicate weeds effectively while preserving the health of the lawn.
Routine maintenance
Our programs include scheduled treatments and follow-up visits to maintain minimal weeds and ensure long-term results.
Effective results
With our expertise and dedication, clients can expect consistently excellent outcomes, enjoying vibrant lawns that enhance curb appeal and property value.
Lawn Weed Control FAQs

When should weed control be applied to my lawn?

Apply pre-emergent weed control in early spring before weed seeds germinate, considering soil temperature. Treat actively growing weeds in late spring or early summer for post-emergent control to prevent further spread. Consult local weed control professionals for personalized advice based on your region’s climate and prevalent weed types.

Which weed killer will not kill grass?

Selective herbicides, formulated explicitly for weed control without harming grass, are the best choice. Always read and follow the product label instructions carefully to ensure proper application and minimize the risk of damage to your grass. Consider seeking advice from a local lawn care professional for recommendations tailored to your grass type and weed challenges. 

How long does it take for weed control to work?

Weed control can show effects within days to weeks, depending on the method and type of weed. Complete eradication may take weeks or months. Consistent application and following guidelines help achieve long-term results.

How do I permanently get rid of weeds in my lawn?

A thick, healthy lawn will always be the best weed deterrent. Long-term weed control depends on many factors, including the types of weeds present, the condition of your lawn, and local environmental factors. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution since different weed control techniques and products work best for different situations. Hiring a professional lawn care company specializing in weed control is the best approach, as they can assess your lawn’s needs and develop a tailored program.

What kills weeds fast but not grass?

The right weed control products will target weeds while leaving grass unharmed. But they must be used according to label instructions, in the proper environmental conditions, and applied at the correct rate. The best one for your lawn depends on factors such as the types of grass and weeds present, and that is why hiring a professional lawn care company is always recommended.

Can I use lawn weed control products if I have pets?

Yes, but it’s important to do it safely. First, remember to keep pets inside during the applications, along with their toys and bowls of food and water. It’s also important to wait for liquid weed control applications to dry thoroughly and for granular products to be completely absorbed before allowing pets back on the lawn. Your professional lawn care service provider will be able to tell you the exact time you will need to wait and will only use EPA-approved products to control your weeds.

Can I apply lawn weed control products combined with fertilizers?

Mixing lawn weed control products with fertilizers can pose a significant risk to your lawn if not done correctly. There are certain products and times of year that make blanket applications okay. Other products or environmental conditions could potentially cause permanent damage to your turf.  Your professional lawn care service will know what can be applied and when to get the best control for your weeds.

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