Repair and maintenance of sprinkler systems

Grass is greener when you water it. A well-maintained irrigation system is a key component to keeping your lawn in perfect condition. RLC’s landscape professionals can repair and maintain sprinkler systems.

If you want to achieve a lush, vibrant green lawn, you need to have a well-maintained irrigation system in place. With Florida’s hot sun and constantly changing weather, your luxurious yard can quickly become out of control if the proper equipment is not in place.

Efficient and effective water management is the insurance policy that protects your high-end home’s landscaping. RLC Landscaping’s professional irrigation services provide maximum efficiency and protection for your property.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Irrigation systems – We’ll handle the entire process for your irrigation system from start to finish. We also offer expansions of sprinkler systems that are already in place.
  • Water resource planning and management – We’ll help you create a plan that’s customized to your home’s unique needs and execute.
  • Water restriction compliance – We’ll conduct regular water audits by our certified water auditor.
  • Pump or well service and repair – If your system ever goes down, our team will be able identify the problem, develop a solution and monitor the progress, all within a timely manner.
  • Monthly inspections – We’ll inspect your irrigation system every month to ensure there are no issues and perform any of the needed maintenance.

Our dedicated team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to fulfill your home’s irrigation needs. We can install, repair and maintain your sprinkler system, keeping your yard in perfect condition. RLC Landscaping is not just a landscaping vendor, we are a true landscaping partner that will offer customized service while being mindful of your budget.