Lawn care and landscaping in Orlando

Orlando has a subtropical climate, with mild and dry winters and high-temperature humid summers. The state’s well-marked rain season goes from May through October, when the dry season begins and lasts until late April. Because of its weather and soil, the area presents unique landscaping challenges and opportunities.

Hot and rainy days create ideal conditions for lush vegetation growth, as well as the proliferation of specific lawn insects and grass weeds. Orlando’s sandy, well-draining soils require regular irrigation and fertilization to support healthy plant growth.

Expert lawn care and landscaping solutions

Hiring a lawn care company ensures that your yard’s needs are effectively met and that environmental aspects are considered when drawing a pest control or fertilization plan.


With over three decades of expertise serving Orlando and Central Florida, RLC Landscaping is here to select the best plant options and designs for your property. We provide year-round lawn care services with tailored solutions for your lawn’s needs and the region’s climate and soil so you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor oasis no matter the season!

Landscaping and Lawn services in Orlando, FL

The services offered by RLC Landscaping in Orlando include:


RLC Landscaping's work in Orlando

RLC Lawn & Pest programs

RLC Landscaping offers a range of lawn pest control and lawn care services to keep your Orlando lawn looking its best. Our lawn fertilization service boosts the soil with essential nutrients, helping plants grow healthy. Our weed control service ensures your grass stays lush and beautiful. When it comes to pests, RLC lawn pest control tackles typical Florida insects like chinch bugs with effective solutions.

Commercial landscaping in Orlando

Commercial landscaping in Orlando


Commercial landscaping in Orlando requires a unique combination of visuals and functionality tailored to the city’s environment. RLC Landscaping excels in this field due to our extensive experience working with condominiums, resorts, hotels, sports facilities, and various commercial properties. Our deep understanding of Orlando’s local climate, city regulations, and landscape design and care ensures that each project is not only beautiful but also compliant and practical.

Orlando lawn service FAQs

How much does lawn care cost in Orlando?

It depends on several factors, including the size of your property, the specific services you require, and the materials and products used. Generally, smaller properties will incur lower costs compared to larger ones, as they require less time and resources to maintain. Additionally, the range of services you choose, such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control, and irrigation system maintenance, will impact the overall cost.

How to care for a Florida lawn?

It is important to have a maintenance routine suited to the local climate and soil. Mow often, especially during the growing season, keeping the grass around 3-4 inches. Water carefully, and fertilize strategically in spring and fall for strong growth. Invest in spot treatments for lawn pests and grass weeds, and don’t forget essential practices like aerating to maintain soil health and a vibrant green lawn.

What is the lawn care schedule in Florida?

Lawn care schedules vary according to the kind of grass on your lawn. However, key tasks, such as aerating and fertilizing, tend to be done in spring and fall to promote healthy growth and root development. During the dry months, it’s crucial to water your lawn to ensure it stays hydrated, but be careful not to overwater, as this can lead to issues like fungal diseases. Additionally, it’s advisable to keep the grass slightly higher during the winter months to protect it from dehydration. To ensure your lawn receives the best care and results, consider hiring a professional lawn care company with expertise in Florida’s unique climate and soil conditions.

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